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Greedy and Transparent Factory

From production place, production to sales, we strive for excellence in every link

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Greedy and Transparent Factory

Science-guided food quality and safety management system

Four basic jobs

Strict quality control for raw materials and production process

Three defensive lines

First-class laboratory center and independent scientific research institution

Greedy and Transparent Factory

Greedy and Transparent Factory

The production process is a mechanical flow operation, in which raw materials pass “6+1” selection processes

6 processes of machine screening; if the test does not meet the quality requirements of the cooking process, add 1 process of manual selection

Ensuring high-quality nuts for production

  • The first step
  • Second steps
  • Third steps
  • Fourth steps
  • Fifth steps
  • Sixth steps
  • Seventh steps
  • Eighth steps
  • Ninth steps
  • Tenth steps
  • Eleventh steps
  • Twelfth steps
  • Thirteenth Step
  • Clear selection

    Eyed machine


    Gravity machine

    Stone removal machine

    Color sorting machine

    Hand selection



    Roasting / frying



    Finished product

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