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Different levels of consumer groups stimulate leisure snacks

DATE:2018-04-27 09:15 Write : admin

The leisure food wholesale has different consumption collectives. From the point of view, there are both family consumption and hotel consumption, both restaurant and station consumption. From the age section, the most important consumer of leisure snack is still white collar women aged 18 to 25 years old, but women from 26 to 35 years old also have leisure and leisure. Snacks, in addition to youth consumption snacks snacks are also rare. It


Children and youth consumption collectives


  One of the biggest characteristics of this consumer group is that the new snack snacks are very interesting and will be very happy to buy, and they have no concept of "healthy eating". Therefore, leisure food wholesale enterprises have launched many interesting snacks for the consumption group. For example, many biscuits will be made into a certain shape or a strange name. The market potential of such consumer groups is huge, because once parents have stimulated their consumption needs, their parents will be satisfied.


Youth consumption collectives

  This type of consumption collective age is gathered among white-collar women between 26 and 35 years old. This kind of consumption group's consumption of leisure snacks wholesale is the most important. The people of this age are basically growing up under the influence of "brand change", so they will pay more attention to the brand. Whether the packaging of the products is exquisite, is very concerned, but also pay more attention to the health, but may not care about the price concavity. So in view of this kind of consumer group, what businesses should do is to create brand effect, attach importance to the outer packaging of products, and participate in the concept of health. It

Collective consumption of human consumption in the late years

  Leisure food wholesalers focus on the introduction of more traditional snacks in the later years. For example, cakes, pastry and so on.

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