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The future is an era of integration of resources and warming

DATE:2018-04-27 09:13 Write : admin

In the next five to ten years, resources will be integrated, and how many resources can you integrate? How many ways will you get in the future? It is better to cross the river than to cross the river. This is the trend at that time, and it can't be obstructed. Choose, be wise.


Today is the time for the integration of resources to get warm. It's the time for team cooperation to win, and anyone who wants to end their wishes is not the end of a person. The way to build is very tired and not easy. This is the way we must go. Otherwise, it is very likely to be screened by society. The construction of the system has become a big demand for the development of private enterprises. The strong enterprises are all making money with the system.

So what is the business model that will last ten years in the next five years? That is the O2O mode: offline (physical stores) experience, online (Internet access) to buy. The manufacturer will deliver the goods to the customers in person, so the entrepreneur will say that the online sale system and the logistics warehousing system are outsourced to the third party companies.  They have the right to do the product well, and then understand the customer to introduce the customer (direct sale). Manufacturers directly advertise to customers, there are always......... Imagine how many customers the business mode will take and how many resources will be integrated?

Therefore, in the market economy, the integration of resources and industrial alliances will also be the trend.


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